Using a popup to convert website visitors to email subscribers is an effective way to quickly grow your re-marketing reach. Additionally, you can leverage mobile responsive popups to acquire the mobile numbers of your most engaged and loyal mobile visitors.

Learn more about how you can easily add a tap-to-join feature to your current mobile responsive popup.


Visitors who reach your website using their mobile device will be shown the mobile responsive version of your popup. This popup likely includes a field to capture their email address, but you can also include a simple call-to-action that enables seamless subscription to your SMS program.

When a visitor taps this call-to-action, their device automatically opens its default messaging client autofilled with your SMS shortcode and opt-in keyword. To subscribe, the visitor must simply send the message.


Adding a tap-to-join feature to your mobile responsive popup requires adding an HTML button and lightweight JavaScript to your popup. Click here to see a code example and demo.


Using Popup Pro or your own code editor, add the <a href> HTML included in the example link above. Be sure to include mobile styles that show and hide your tap-to-join button at the appropriate breakpoints. Your tap-to-join button should only be shown on mobile devices from which SMS messages can be sent and received. Also, don't forget to add your own SMS toll-free number or shortcode and opt-in keyword when copying the example HTML code above.


You will also need to include a lightweight JavaScript that ensures your shortcode and opt-in keyword are accurately autofilled when opening the Apple or Android messaging client. This JavaScript, included in the example link above, does not need to be modified and can be directly copied to your popup.


Save your updates and preview your popup. The mobile responsive version of your popup will now show your tap-to-join button. Tapping this button automatically opens your device's default messaging client with your shortcode and opt-in keyword autofilled. Finally, ensure your SMS keyword acquisition campaign returns confirmation of your subscription.

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