If you have updated creative or a new offer you'd like to include in your Programmatic Display Ads, please follow this guide to edit your Display ads.

  • NOTE: Please send your updated Display Ad files to success@listrak.com at least two days before you'd like to make the ads live. After Listrak uploads the creative to the FTP site, the ads will go live at 6 AM CST the next day.


Listrak accepts the following Display Ad Frame sizes:

  • 970x250

  • 336x280

  • 320x50

  • 300x250

  • 160x600

  • 728x90

The sizes 300x250, 160x600, and 728x90 can be modified. These sizes each have a five-frame carousel where the first frame and the last frame are JPEGs. Below is an example of 160x600.

  • NOTE: Frame 1 is a branding frame, while frame 5 is a coupon frame. Frames 2-4 are product frames that cannot be modified.


  1. Create your JPEG in the applicable sizes as mentioned above.

  • TIP: It's recommended that your JPEGs match the interior frames. In the example above, the Shop Now button is consistent on the first and last frames.

2. Use the following naming convention for the JPEG file that will be used in frame 1.

  • [merchantID]_brand_160x600.jpg 

  • If you do not have your Merchant ID, please contact success@listrak.com.

3. Use the following naming convention for the JPEG file that will be used in frame 5.

  • [merchantID]_coupon_160x600.jpg

4. To update additional sizes, adjust the naming convention accordingly. 

  • For example, an ad size of 300x250 frame 1 would be named [merchantID]_brand_300x250.jpg


Once your new JPEG files are ready to be uploaded, please send an email to success@listrak.com with the following information:

  • The new Display Ad Frame JPEG files.

  • When you'd like the creative to be live.

  • If you'd like to remove the branding or promotional frame from your current live display ads.

Once received, the Listrak Client Success Team will review and upload the new JPEG files to our Display Ad's FTP, overwriting the ad frames that are currently live.

If you have any additional questions about this process, please reach out to your Account Manager or the the Listrak Client Success Team (success@listrak.com).

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