Below is an example of a Low Inventory Alerts email. Please build this message using Listrak Composer. Click here to learn more about building emails with Listrak Composer.

1. Navigate to your Low Inventory/Price Drop Composer message.
2. Navigate down to the Composer section.
3. Click Edit Design.
4. Click in a text component where you'd like to display the Product Title.
5. Click Personalization.
6. Then FA Alerts\Product Title.

This tag inserts the Product Title personalization field that pulls in the personalized data based on the contact. 

7. Add an Image Content piece to your message.
8. Click Image Source.
9. Paste <<FA Alerts\Product Image URL>>.

10. Click Submit.

You should now see a Personalized Image where your image component was placed.

11. Add an element onto the canvas to drive customers back to your site, such as a button.
12. Click the element.
13. Paste <<FA Alerts\Product Link URL>> for the Link URL on the component properties.

14. Click Preview to preview your message design.
15. Then, select a contact that has data in their FA Alerts fields. If you don't have contacts with data in these fields, you can subscribe a test contact with information filled out in these fields.
16. Click Apply Design.
17. Then Save.

  • TIP: This alert type displays a single item in the email. Try pairing this alert type with Recommendations based on browse and purchase history.


Follow the below steps to set up your conversation.

1. Navigate from the home menu to Authoring.
2. Go to Listrak Conductor.
3. Then Conversations.
4. Click New Conversation.
5. Enter a name for the conversation.

6. Click Create Conversation.
7. Click the new Trigger Step.
8. Click the Low Inventory or Price Drop External Event.
9. Enter an applicable name for the step.

10. Click Update.
11. Click the + icon next to the Low Inventory trigger step.
12. Click Message Step.
13. Click Edit a Saved Message.
14. Select your Carted Items message.
15. Navigate to the Analytics Integration.
16. If you're using a Google Analytics integration, enter Carted Item Alerts - Low Inventory or Price Drop for the Campaign Name.
17. Enter Version 1 for the Campaign Content.
18. Under Listrak Conversion Analytics, select Low Inventory Alerts/Price Drop Alerts from the drop-down menu for the Campaign Type.
19. Enter Carted Item Alerts - Low Inventory or Price Drop for the Campaign Name.
20. Enter Version 1 for the Campaign Content.

21. Navigate down the page.
22. Click Commit Message.
23. Then Commit Message to Conversation.

24. To make your conversation live, click Publish.
25. Then Publish Conversation.

Congratulations - your Low Inventory/Price Drop Carted Items Alerts are now live!

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