Add a carted item alert to capitalize on shopper's behavior when items they've added to their cart have dropped in price or are running low in inventory. This feature works in conjunction with your SCA campaign to maximize conversions and revenue across your subscriber base.

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Before configuring your alert, be sure to have created a new list, just for your alerts campaigns. This ensures that all of your alerts settings and analytics are in one place. Select this list to get started.

  1. Navigate from the home menu to Solutions.
  2. Go to Alerts and click New Alert.
  3. Enter a Name for the alert (ex: Carted Items).
  4. Select Low Inventory or Price Drop for the Alert Type.
  5. Select Carted Item for the Action.
  6. Select your Alerts list.
  7. Click Continue.


  1. Select an Alert Event or Create a New Event.
  2. Enter a Drop Threshold. This is the minimum price required (price or percentage) to trigger a price drop email. 
  3. Select a Threshold Type (Percent or Dollar).
  4. Enter an amount for the Relevancy Window.
  • TIP: Relevancy Window is the length of time in which customers are eligible to receive an alert for a product they've viewed. This window starts the day they are entered into the queue, and if the price of the product doesn't drop by the threshold within this window, they will be removed from the queue for that product.

5. Review your alerts setup.

6. Click Save.


  1. Enter a Quantity Threshold.
  • TIP: Quantity Threshold is the number of items that are left in stock before the Low Inventory Alert is deployed.

2. Select an Alert Event or Create a New Event.
3. Enter an amount for the Relevancy Window.
4. Click Continue.

5. Review your alerts setup.

6. Click Save

After you've configured your alert, the next step is to create a message and set up the conversation.

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