⚠️ Both Manage and Billing Access must be given to the user trying to view and pay invoices. Learn more about Listrak's different user permission levels here.

Setting Up ACH Payments

  1. Go to Account > Account Billing.

  2. Click Manage Bank Account

  3. Enter the required billing information.

  4. Click Save.

If you're experiencing any problems with this conversion, please contact our Billing department at billing@listrak.com or (717) 627-4528, prompt 4.

View Your Billing Dashboard

After clicking save, you are redirected to the billing landing page. The bank account you just added in the above steps should now appear under Existing Bank Accounts. You will see at-a-glance view of: bank name, name on account, ABA number, account number, and account type. You may also remove a bank account.

Paying Invoices

Click here to learn more about to view or pay your invoices.

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