Merchandise Blocks are used to display recommendations in a designated layout with an email or a website. Follow the below steps to set up a Merchandise Block, then how to add it to your site.

1. Navigate from the home menu to Solutions.
2. Go to Recommender.
3. Then Merchandise Blocks.

If you have multiple merchants set up with Listrak, make sure the correct merchant is selected in the Merchant drop-down menu.

4. Click New Merchandise Block.
5. Select the Website radio button.
6. Then click Next.
7. Enter a description of what page the recommendations will be on and what they will be used for.
8. Select how many total products you would like to show. Be sure the total products fit the layout of the page.

9. Click on or drag a box over the product blocks to select the blocks where you would like to apply your recipes.
10. Click apply a recipe

11. In the pop-up, select the recipe that you wish to apply from the drop-down menu.

12. Click Apply. The product blocks that now have recipes should turn green.
13. Click Save.
14. Create merchandise blocks for each website location that you created recipes for.

Now that you've set up a Merchandise Block, the next step is to add this block and the applicable code to your website.

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