Use the Contacts Dashboard to view and maintain your reachable and unreachable users. Access the Contacts Dashboard by navigating from the home menu to Contacts.

  • Show/Hide Columns: Customize your grid with the areas you want to view.
  • Reachable/Unreachable: Displays a list of contacts according to their subscription status.
  • Search: Search for a contact by phone number, device, or email address.
  • Edit: Edit contact details such as a name, email address, birthday, and zip code.


A reachable user is a contact who is a contact who's downloaded your app, and is actively receiving/allowing push notifications.

  • Device ID: A unique identifier of a handset.
  • Email: A contact's email address.
  • Phone: A contact's mobile phone number.
  • Subscribed: The date a contact subscribed to push notifications.
  • Platform: iOS or Android.
  • App Version: The version of the app that's being used.


An unreachable user is a contact who has downloaded your app, but has not enabled push notifications. The above information for reachable users is also available for unreachable, and the following additional information:

  • Unsubscribed: The date a contact unsubscribed/disabled push notifications.
  • Status: Indicates whether or not notifications are enabled. 

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