Use the Campaign tab to view all sent and scheduled messages. View, at-a-glance, the name of the message, when the message was sent/scheduled for, how many recipients received it, the click rate, and the status of the message. Click the underlined name of a message to drill-down deeper.


  • Message Name: The name given to the push notification.

  • Message Type: A push notification.

  • Send Date and Time: The date and time the message was sent.


  • Revenue: The amount of revenue generated by your message.

  • Average Order Value (AOV): The average order value of orders placed as a result of your message.

  • Total Clicks: The number of clicks that have happened as a result of your message.

  • Conversion Rate: The percentage of conversions to links clicked.

  • Conversion Count: The number of conversions generated as a result of your message.


  • The total number of messages sent, followed by how many were delivered and if any failed.


  • A preview of the message that was sent.

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