A Welcome Series is an important part of your customer journey. This message series is used to welcome new customers to your brand. You can enhance these messages by showing product recommendations with multiple different strategies. Since your Welcome Series messages are being sent to a large audience of shoppers, it's recommended to keep the recommendations applicable to everyone, such as What's New or Top Sellers.


Even though a Welcome message welcomes customers to your brand, you may have a little bit of information or behavior about your customers. Use this information to personalize the recommendations that are being sent. If there's no information about a customer, the backup ingredient(s) ensure that content is displayed. 

Read more below about the different recipes and ingredients used in this message series.


  • Goal: Utilize information that is known about the customer (such as browse data) to offer products that drive shoppers back to the site. Then, recommend top sellers as a backup ingredient if there's no customer information/behaviors available.

  • Base Ingredient: Recent Activity.

  • Backup Recipe: Similar Items, Gateway Products, or Top Sellers - Use preference or same attribute. Please create a new recipe using the above recipe(s) and apply this recipe to utilize Global Ingredients.


  • Goal: Generally, keep the recipes consistent throughout the following messages, adding more activity data (browse, purchase, and abandoned).

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