The first step to building a recipe is to determine a strategy. Try asking yourself some of these questions.

  1. What kind of products do you want to show? Do you want to show top selling products, new products, or do you want to show cross selling or competitive products? Answering this question will help you decide on a base recipe.

  2. Next, think about how much you want to personalize the products you are recommending. Do you want to show all new products, or only new products in a category a customer is browsing? Do you want to show products that are a higher price than products the customer recently interacted with? Do you only want to show sale items? Answering these questions will help you pick your ingredients.

  3. Lastly, what do you want to do if a recipe doesn't return enough or any products? Do you want to show backup results without customization? Do you want to just show popular products? Is it alright if there are blanks? Answering this question will help you build your backup recipe


After you answer these questions, begin building a recipe. For this example, we'll send a marketing message out to purchasers with the header: "Some new products you may be interested in." 

You'll want to recommend new products in the customers preferred category. If there isn't a preferred category, only new products are shown.

1. Click Create A Recipe

2. Enter a Name.

3. Click OK.
4. Click the gear underneath the base ingredient heading.
5. Select What's New for the base recipe.
6. Select the activity type to whatever you want to be used as a reference. For example, purchases.

7. Click Add to add a slider ingredient.

8. Select an ingredient. For example, add Preferred Category. 

9. Then click Add Ingredient.
10. Adjust the slider weight. 100% guarantees our results will be pulled from the customers preferred category. 

11. Review the products. Be sure the products are matching your expectations. If you have multiple weighted sliders, you may have to make adjustments. 

12. Click the gear underneath backup ingredient. Add a backup ingredient.

It is best practice to create new recipe to use as a backup instead of adding a backup ingredient, as an ingredient not follow your global ingredients whereas a new recipe would follow the global ingredients.

13. Click Save Recipe.

You have just built out a recipe and are ready to add it to a Merchandise Block!

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