Global Ingredients apply to every recipe unless that recipe has specifically turned them off. Toggle Global Ingredients on/off as shown below.

You can apply up to seven Global Ingredients. However, less is more, so as much of your product catalog is available to be recommended as possible.

  • TIP: Update the isPurchasable field with either True or False to either show or hide products from your Recommendations.


  • Only One Variant: Returns only the top performing variant of a product to be recommended (For example, Purchase This, Purchase That will only return the variant that had the most purchases).
  • In Stock: Returns only products flagged InStock=True. This ingredient is generally not needed if you are using a Quantity on Hand threshold.
  • Quantity on Hand > [number]: Checks to be sure there are a specified number of products available to be recommended. 
  • Not Discontinued: Returns products where the discontinued flag is not specifically marked True.
  • Not Recently Purchased (recent is last 25 items): Products that have been purchased by a customer will not be recommended.
  • Not Recently Recommended set to 90% (Set to 3-7 days): Products that have been recently recommended to a customer in any marketing send are moved to the bottom of the recommendation pool.

  • TIP: Updating the Global Ingredients affects all live campaigns utilizing Product Recommendations. Please make changes carefully. 


  • Click here to learn more about the product features that ingredients can use.
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