The App Activity Dashboard displays metrics related to the app selected and allows you to quickly navigate through the platform. Access the App Activity Dashboard by selecting Push from the channel select drop-down menu.


The metrics below are displayed in real-time and account for the lifespan of the App.

  • Reachable Users: App users that can currently be reached by push notifications.

  • Total App Installs: Number of times the application was initialized.

  • Sessions Per Day: Number of application opens per day across the entire life of Listrak.

The following metrics are updated based on the time frame selected:

  • Net New Users: Number of people added within the specified time frame that are able to be messaged (they previously haven't subscribed).

  • Active Users: Anyone who opens the application over the time frame specified.

  • Average Daily Users: Number of app opens within the specified time frame, on average.

  • Conversions: Purchases made through the application after the user engages with a push notification. Push conversions follow the last click attribution model, similar to SMS and email. Once a click has taken place, any order tied to that device is counted as a conversion during the attribution window.

  • Attributed Revenue: Revenue associated with any push messaging within the specified time frame.

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