There are many different types of filters that can be applied when targeting a group of contacts based on a set of criteria when sending. These filter types can be combined to create specific groups you wish to target. 

These data types are available in Listrak's legacy filter system.


System fields are fields of data that are automatically collected by Listrak, including last open date, last send date, and last click date. Interactions with emails, such as click or send date, can be based on a specific list or across all lists in your Listrak account. You can group based on how contacts interact with emails sent from a specific list of how they interact with any email sent from Listrak. 

  • Suggested Strategy: Avoid over-saturating your contact's inbox by only sending to those customers who have not received an email from you recently. 


Audiences are dynamic segments of your list that target groups of contacts to solve a business need. There are two types of audiences: pre-built audiences (smart audiences) or custom audiences.   

Learn more about utilizing smart audiences or get started building your own audiences

  • Suggested Strategy: Use the Non-customers - Active Smart Audience to send an email to contacts who are interacting with your emails, but have not made a purchase. Include a special offer in the email to convert these non-customers into customers. 


Contact behavior uses a customer's past purchase behavior for segmenting your list. Contact behavior allows you to target based on overall purchase value, the specific items a contact purchased, the specific items a contact has not purchased, or the date or purchase. 

  • Suggested Strategy: If sending out a reminder about a product special, exclude those contacts who have already purchased the products. 

  • Suggested Strategy: Send targeted emails to those customers who spend a large amount of money in a single transaction to reward their loyalty.

  • NOTE: Purchase and product information is based on the information being received by the Listrak Platform. Only information being received by Listrak is available to be used in a filter. 


Profile fields contain additional information collected about contacts on your list, such as first name or mailing address. Profile fields also allow you to store information that you wish to provide to a contact, such as a coupon code. These fields are categorized into Profile field groups (placing first and last name in a customer information group), to allow you to organize information. 

  • Suggested Strategy: Collect birth dates of contacts to trigger an automated birthday campaign. 

  • Suggested Strategy: Collecting a customer's address allows you to send customized content to those who within a certain range of brick-and-mortar stores. 


Predictive analytics allows you to use a contact's past behavior to identify what they are likely to do in the future. 

  • Suggested Strategy: Specifically target those who are likely to purchase from you within the next two weeks.

  • NOTE: Predictive Analytics is a solution offered by Listrak. If you are interested in purchasing Predictive Analytics please contact your Account Manager. 

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