Product Recommendations allow you to send targeted content to your contacts by including products they may like. Creating fully-responsive emails enables your contacts opening on mobile phones to engage with your content more easily.  

Before you can add recommendations to your email, you'll need to create the responsive HTML table that will hold your recommendations.

After you've built the responsive, follow the steps below to add recommendations to your email. 


1. Navigate from the home menu to Solutions.
2. Go to Recommender.
3. Then Merchandise Blocks.
4. Locate the Merchandise Block to add to your email.
5. Click the Code Icon.

6. Navigate to the Advanced Email Code tab.

7. Copy the code.
8. Paste the code into a text editor.


The advanced email code generates an image and link for each of the products in the merchandise block. Each product is labeled and must be placed in its own cell of the responsive table. 

1. Navigate to where you want to add the first product to your HTML.
2. Copy the Product 1 link code from your text editor.
3. Paste the code into your HTML.
4. Copy the Product 1 image code from your text editor.
5. Paste the code into your HTML.

  • NOTE: If multiple image and link URLs are listed for each product you should include all of them in your table structure.

6. Repeat for any additional recommended products.
7. Navigate to the bottom of the message.
8. Save the message.

Congratulations! You can now add recommendations to your responsive HTML emails. When you send your email each contact will receive customized product recommendations based on the recipe you created. 

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