What's New

  • Popup Pro (August 6)
    Acquire the right subscribers and nurture site visitors on the path to purchase with Listrak’s Popup Pro solution. Create multiple active campaigns that target site visitors based on behavior and intent.
  • Shopify Integration - Listrak Marketplace (August 24)
    Integrate with Shopify in less than 15 minutes and 100% self-service.


  • Predictive Content in Composer now delivers open-time optimized live text in place of images in supported inboxes. This improves the reading experience on mobile by allowing text to wrap, and rendering crisply and clearly. Images are replaced with live text using progressive enhancement coding techniques, and will fallback to images in unsupported inboxes. Support is limited to Apple Mail, iOS Mail, and Outlook for Mac at this time.
  • MultiPass configuration now offers more flexibility by allowing users to choose the number of hours to wait to resend to non-openers to target a specific date and time. Automated Split Testing also has improved MultiPass flexibility.
  • New Segmentation Filtering Options are available for email activity. Target subscribers across ALL lists while using Last Open, Read, Click, and Send activity filters.
  • Updated Composer Palette can now be expanded to a wider width for easier HTML editing. Happy coding!
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