What's New

  • Vertical Align in Composer (June 14)
    Content can now be vertically aligned top, middle, or bottom in multi-column structures.
  • SMS Custom Profile Fields (June 11)
    Use custom profile fields for increased message targeting.
  • SMS Only Accounts (June 7)
    Listrak now supports accounts for clients that only wish to utilize SMS.
  • Store Number Added to Orders (June 1)
  • Feature Ideas (May 15)
    Share your feedback. 💡
  • Set Personalized Status added to Listrak Framework (May 4)
    This call allows you to control when & how our framework handles personal data.
  • Persado Integration (April 19)
    Connect Persado’s subject line generation AI and split testing with Listrak’s Automated Split Testing tool.


  • Large File Detected Alerts added to media library upload page and author confirmation page.
  • You can now upload a list of email addresses to unsubscribe and delete segmentation data using the List Import Wizard.
  • Form security key can now be enabled on List Settings, which adds an encrypted key to the subscribe and unsubscribe form code.


  • Fixed: Composer button text will now appear centered when wrapping.
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