When sending emails to lists of thousands of subscribers, we know that ensuring a timely delivery is important to you, and it's important to us. Message size can have a significant impact on the time messages sit in the queue waiting their turn to be delivered. HTML compression improves the speed at which messages get out the door.

Reducing the message size also helps to lessen the chance that Gmail will clip the email. Gmail will clip emails larger than 102KB.

What changes in the code? 

HTML compression reduces the size of emails by eliminating unnecessary white space in email code added for easier reading while editing. This typically requires an extra step during the coding workflow using special software, but is simplified by being done automatically within Listrak.

The appropriate character set may also be added or updated based on what characters are identified in the message. Special characters such as ©, ®, and ™ and emojis 💗 require different character sets than traditional letters in the alphabet. Smaller character sets reduce the file size of the message.

Can HTML Compression be disabled?

HTML Compression can be disabled for a specific message by toggling the setting off in the Advanced Message Settings section of the message creation experience.

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