You can create a new SMS list by: clicking view more from the SMS Short Code Activity Dashboard or the Manage tab on the home menu. Create a new list by clicking New List.

1. Enter a Name.
2. Select a List Type from the drop-down menu.
3. Enter a number of messages.
4. Select a time frame from the drop-down menu.
5. Enter the message content.

NOTE: By selecting a double opt-in, you are able to include double opt-in messaging as a part of keyword campaigns associated with your list.

6. Enter the existing subscribers message.
7. Click Save List.


When a new list is created, you will be presented with the following information:


Begin by selecting a type of program that your list will represent:

  • Marketing: A list used for marketing purposes.
  • Test: A list that acquires subscribers for test purposes.

Next, select a messaging frequency:

  • Number of messages: The number of messages that subscribers can expect to receive in a given time frame.
  • Time frame: The rate at which you expect to send the above messages.


The SMS list messages are broken down into: Opt-in configuration and existing subscribers.

  • Single Opt-in: The confirmation or welcome message sent to subscribers who are added to your list from a single contact import through Listrak.
  • Double Opt-in: The Reply Y message sent to subscribers who are added to a list from a single contact import OR choosing to utilize double opt-in at the keyword campaign level. This must be enabled at the list level.
  • Single contact import behavior: The welcome message is a mobile terminated message sent to a handset after an end user replies Y.
  • Keyword campaign behavior: They keyword campaign workflow begins after an end user replies Y.
  • Welcome Message: The mobile terminated message returned to a handset after an end user replies Y.
  • Existing Subscriber: The message that is sent to subscribers already on the configured list.

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