The List Health Dashboard displays important information about each of your lists within SMS. Click into a list for a more detailed view of how your list is performing.


When landing on the List Health Dashboard, you will see at-a-glance how your list is performing over a 30-day time frame. You can adjust the time frame from the drop-down menu.  

  • New Subscriptions (previously Opt-ins): Individuals who have opted-into your short code via imports or keyword campaigns associated with the list you're viewing.
  • Unsubscribes (previously Opt-outs): Individuals who have opted-out of your short code either by texting STOP or were removed by an Admin.
  • List Delta: Rate of change from the beginning of your reporting period to the end of your reporting period.
  • List Settings: Use this button next to the date picker to modify a system message for your list.
  • New List: Use this button to create a new SMS list.


Use the pie chart for a percentage breakdown of opt-outs, accompanied by a reason for the opt-out.

  • Mobile Originated (MO): Counted when a handset initiates the STOP command to remove themselves from the short code.
  • Delivery Failure: Counted when Listrak receives information back from the delivery receipt indicating a phone number is no longer in use or service.
  • Admin Opt-out: Counted when a Listrak user removes a subscriber from the list.


Use the pie chart for a percentage breakdown of how your subscribers are being added to a list.

  • MO: Counted when a handset texts a keyword to a short code to join a list.
  • Admin: Counted when a Listrak user imports a phone number to a list.


This cart displays all keyword campaigns that are associated with a list when a time frame is specified. These keyword campaigns contribute to the growth of the list and are displayed with an active/inactive status.

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