The Point of Purchase Summary summarizes where purchases are being made by reachable shoppers. Locate the Point of Purchase Summary report by following the below steps.

  1. Navigate from the home menu to Solutions.

  2. Go to Data Summary.

  3. Then Buyer Activity.

  4. Then Point of Purchase.

The Point of Purchase Summary is a summary of the source field which is an alphanumeric field set in the orders file. Source, an optional field, is used to describe where an order was placed. Common sources include: Online, In-store, App. A source of 'Not Set' indicates the field is blank in the orders summarized in this report. A reachable shopper is defined as one having an email address on file. Anonymous orders (orders without an email address) are not represented in this report.

Adding Source to your orders is a great way to track where shoppers are converting. You can view your integration guide for information about how to add Source to your orders.


You can use this report to compare Daily Revenue, Average Order Value, Average Spend per Item, and Average number of Items per Order for each source. Additionally, you see how Listrak email campaigns influence those metrics by comparing Conversion Revenue to Other Revenue.


Email Revenue is a summary of orders attributed to a click coming from a Listrak campaign.

Other Revenue is a summary of orders not associated with a Listrak campaign. This can include, but is not limited to, orders from walk-on traffic coming directly to your site, offline purchases made outside of the Listrak attribution window, and clicks to Listrak On-site Product Recommendations.

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