You can change the fields and settings for scheduled reports at any time. These fields include the following:

  • File Type

  • Description

  • File Name

  • Report Start and End Date

  • Frequency

  • Recipients

  • Attachments

For this example, we'll change the name, schedule, and file type. Notice the original settings:

To modify these settings:

1. Navigate from the home menu to Analytics.
2. Then Scheduled Analytics
3. Click on the Name of the report you'd like to modify.

4. If you choose, you can update the File Type on the dialog:

5. Click Next.
6. Change the Description of the scheduled report as needed.
7. Update the Filename that will download for you as needed.
8. Choose a time frame that you'd like to receive the reports for by setting a Start Date and an End Date as needed.
9. You can choose how often you'd like to receive the report by selecting a Schedule.

10. Click Next.
11. Select the recipients of the report.
12. You can choose to have the report attached to the email that is sent to you. If you do not choose to attach the file to the email, you will be provided with a link to click on to download the report when you receive your email
13. Click Finish.

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