When you think of transactional messaging, you probably think of the most common uses: order confirmation and shipping confirmation. But, there's more to transactional than these tried-and-true moneymakers. Transactional messages are sent to customers based on a previous triggered interaction. You have placed an order and seconds later, you have mail confirming all of the details of the order that was just placed - and it happens programmatically through Listrak's API call in the blink of an eye. Below are some examples of transactional messages that may have come across your inbox:

  • Order Confirmation: informs the customer that you've received their order for processing
  • Shipping Confirmation: informs the customer that their order is en route and being shipped to them
  • Delivery Status Update: can be sent more than once with updates to the progress of the delivery of the purchased products
  • Pre-Order/Back Order Notification: informs the customer that a particular product is on back order and not currently able to ship
  • Password Recovery: provides the customer with the info or link required to retrieve a forgotten password
  • Login Info Request: provides the customer with the info or link required to retrieve forgotten login credentials
  • Account Activation: informs the customer that their account has been activated and is ready for use
  • Email Address Change Confirmation: informs the customer of an update to their personal information, such as an email address change
  • Store Pickup Confirmation: serves as a reminder to the customer that an ordered item is ready for store pickup
  • Item Return Confirmation: confirms receipt of a returned item
  • Refunded Payment Confirmation: confirms refund for a returned item
  • eGift Card Receipt: informs the customer that someone has sent them an electronic gift card
  • Credit Card Declined: informs the customer of a failed credit card payment submission
  • Payment Authorization: requests confirmation for payment 
  • Card on File Expiring: informs the customer that they need to update their account with relevant credit card information
  • Auction Notifications: inform the customer of statuses related to auction items (item sold, item listed, winning bid, item ending soon)

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