If you have multiple subscription points for customers to sign up (and subsequently receive your welcome series), you can create multiple threads and multiple external events based on each of those subscription points. For example, you could have a subscription point for manually subscribing contacts, as well as a subscription point for contacts entering their email into the footer section. We can create a source check box for each one of them in order to filter by subscription point.

For this example, we will add a "Manual Subscribes" source to the basic welcome series shown below: 


  1. Navigate from the home menu to Contacts.

  2. Go to Segmentation.

  3. Then Modify Existing Segment Group.

  4. If you don't already have a Field Group called Source, create a new field group:

  • Click Create Field Group.

  • Name the field group Source.

  • Click Save.

5. If you already have a Field Group called Source, click on your Source Field Group.
6. Add your subscription point name in the form of a checkbox. For this example we will:

  • Add Manual Subscribes as a field group.

  • Change the Data Type to checkbox.

  • Click the Save icon.


  1. Navigate from the home menu to Authoring.

  2. Go to Listrak Conductor.

  3. Then Conversations.

  4. Select your welcome series by clicking the Pencil icon or the name of the welcome series.

  5. Ensure you're on the current version of the welcome series by selecting [Working Version] from the drop-down menu.

NOTE: If it doesn't say [Working Version] in the drop-down menu, you'll have the option to create a working version by clicking on the Create Working Version button. 

6. Click the Add Step drop-down menu next to the Entry Step.
7. Select Add Action Steps.

8. Click on the Action Step you just created.
9. Change the Action Type to Set Checkbox.
10. Change Set the Segment Field to the Manual Subscribes segment you just created.
11. Select the Set the checkbox to radio button and make sure the checkbox is checked.

Your screen should look like the following before you click Update:

12. Click Update.
13. Validate and Publish the conversation.

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