The first step in preparing a Welcome Series is to set up an external event. This event is tied to the welcome conversation. When contacts subscribe the external event will be triggered, adding the contact to the conversation. To set up and external event for your Welcome Series:

1. Navigate from the home menu to Authoring.
2. Go to Listrak Conductor.
3. Then External Events.
4. Make sure that you don't have any Welcome Series events set up yet. If not, click New Event Group.

NOTE: It is always good to add a New Event Group to categorize your external events for ease of use later.

5. Give your New Event Group a meaningful name. For this example, ours is called Welcome Series.
6. Click Create Event Group.

7. After your new event group has been created click New Event.

8. Give your new event a meaningful name. For this example, ours is Manual Subscribes.

NOTE: Typically you want to name your new Welcome Series event based on the point of subscription, whether it is via a footer signup, manual subscriptions, or via text message. 

9. From the Group drop-down menu select the new event group we just created of Welcome Series.
10. Click Create Event.

11. You will see your new external event set up under the External Event Manager and categorized as Welcome Series.

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