You've just updated the Welcome Series conversation properties. The next thing you'll do is add an external event to the conversation.

NOTE: You have the option to filter contacts out of the conversation who have already received the Welcome Series. To do so, read the article Limiting Customer Entries into the Welcome Series.

1. Click the green New Trigger step.

2. Change the Trigger Step Name to something meaningful. For this example, we'll name it the title of the external event that will be fired to enter contacts into the conversation: "Manual Subscribes."

3. Click the + Symbol next to the Manual Subscribes external event. Once you click this plus symbol it should put the "Manual Subscribes" external event into the Selected Events column: 

4. Click Update.


In this example, we are going to do a two-message Welcome Series.

1. Click the Add Step drop-down menu next to the entry step.
2. Click Add Message Step.

3. Click the Add Step icon next to the new Message Step.
4. Click Add Wait Step.
5. Click the Add Step icon next to the new Wait Step.
6. Click Add Message Step.

Your conversation should now look like the following screenshot:

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