The most commonly used cadence for a Shopping Cart Abandonment campaign is three hours after the cart is abandoned, then two days after the first message is sent, and finally three days after the second message is sent. Though the standard timing is often quite effective, you can strategically evaluate and modify the timing whenever you like. Below are some things to consider when modifying cadence. 


  • Product Lifecycle/Business Model: Taking your business model into consideration is a good way to start when determining cadence and timing. Do you subscribe to the "fast fashion" business model or something entirely different? If you tend to burn through inventory quickly, your Cart Abandonment messages should have a shorter cadence. Products that have a longer purchase process can afford more spaced out messages. For example, if someone is shopping for furniture, they may take weeks or months to decide on the products they ultimately purchase.

  • Seasonality: During peak or holiday seasons, both retailers and shoppers become more aggressive. This is a good time to amp up your sends and shorten your cadence because you'll have a better chance at catching your buyers' attention amidst the noise of the season. If you have a very seasonal product, such as ski equipment, you may want to slow your cadence during off-season, ramping up closer to winter. Remember to restore the cadence to normal after the season has closed.


1. Navigate from the home menu to Authoring.
2. Go to Listrak Conductor.
3. Then Conversations.
4. Select your Cart Abandonment conversion.
5. In Listrak Conductor, ensure you're using the working version by selecting it from the drop-down menu.
6. Click on the first Wait Step in your abandoned cart thread. 

7. The wait settings pop-up will open. Here you can adjust the time your contacts wait before receiving series messages by selecting the duration in days, weeks, months, or even hours and minutes.

8. Check the override default name checkbox and rename the wait step to reflect the new wait duration.

9. Click Update.
10. Click Publish to save the changes to your conversation.

We changed our initial wait step duration from three hours to one hour. Now, when a contact abandons their cart, they will receive their first Shopping Cart Abandonment message in one hour. Simply follow the above steps to modify your second and third wait steps. Then, monitor your results over time by using visual analytics. 

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