Back-in-Stock alerts can help you deploy sign-up notifications when a product is out of stock, then instantly notify prospective buyers when the product is available to purchase. This solution can also help you identify which products are more popular, helping them to determine how much to order in the future. Back-in-Stock alerts are determined by the quantity on hand listed in the data you send to Listrak.

  • NOTE: If you have not integrated yet, please click here to complete the JavaScript Integration, then follow the Alerts Integration.


Before configuring your alert, be sure to have created a new list, just for your alerts campaigns. This ensures that all of your alerts settings and analytics are in one place. Select this list before getting started.

1. Navigate from the home menu to Solutions.
2. Go to Alerts and click New Alert.

3. Enter Back-in-Stock for the name.
4. Select Back-in-Stock for the Alert Type.
5. Set the action to Sign-up.
6. Select your alerts list from the drop-down menu.
7. Click Continue.

8. Enter BIS for the Alert Definition Code.
9. Click Create New under the Subscription Event section.
10. Enter Signup.
11. Click Save.
12. Enter a Quantity Threshold.

  • TIP: This is the number of items that must be in stock before the Back-in-Stock Alert is deployed.

13. Click Create New under the Alert Event section. Click here to learn more about external events.
14. Enter Back-in-Stock for the name.
15. Click Save.
16. Select the Enable Follow-up Reminders and Enable Discontinued Products, if applicable.

  • Enable Follow-up Reminders: this feature requires an event to execute for a conversation thread and how many days to wait for the event to execute.
  • Enable Discontinued Products: this feature requires an event to execute for a conversation thread to send a specific message for products that are discontinued that someone signed up for.

17. Click Continue.

The last step is to review the alert setup. You'll see an at-a-glance review of your alert settings including:

  • Name
  • The action for the alert
  • Merchant (if you have more than one)
  • Alert type
  • Selected list
  • Quantity Threshold
  • External Event
  • Alert Code
  • Subscription Event
  • Follow-up Reminder
  • Enable Discontinued Products

18. Click Save.

After you've configured your alert, the next step is to create a message and set up the conversation.

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