Listrak has expedited the time it takes your transactional messages to hit your customer's inbox through the use of Listrak's new API calls. Because of this enhancement to transactional messages, you must manually pass the reference data and message content for your transactional campaign. Learn more about Recommendations in transactional messages by watching the below video:

Below, you'll learn how to add Recommendations to the transactional message by: creating segmentation profile fields, updating the link and image URLS that contain the recommendations, and lastly, firing the the API call.


The segmentation profile fields are what references the product that was purchased in the transactional message, therefore, allowing the Recommendations to be relevant and accurate to the purchase that was just completed by your customers. You can set up the segmentation profile fields by following the below steps.

1. Navigate from the home menu to Contacts.
2. Go to Segmentation.
3. Then Modify Existing Field Groups.

From your previously created transactional segmentation fields, navigate to the OrderConfirmation field group– as a reminder, you should be using the field group that has been previously created for your transactional message campaign. Click here to review creating segmentation field groups for your transactional campaign.

4. Add a New Field.
5. Enter a Name for the field group. For example, we'll call these ReferenceProduct1, ReferenceProduct2, and ReferenceProduct3.

NOTE: Only 10 fields can be referenced.

6. Click Save.


Now that the segmentation profile fields are created, you can build out the string of code that will be added to each of the image and link URLS in the merchandise block. For our example, our snippet of code to reference the order confirmation, reference product, will look like this:

This snippet of code will need to go on the end of every image and link URL that is in the merchandise block of your transactional message. Start by locating the merchandise block.

1. Navigate from the home menu to Authoring.
2. Go to Saved Messages.
3. Open your Transactional Message.
4. Scroll to the Merchandise Block.

Now, you can apply the above snippet of code to each of the image and link URLS in the merchandise block.

5. Copy and Paste the merchandise block content into a text editor where you can easily edit it.
6. Manually add the snippet of code for the products you're referencing. Enter this code for each image and link URL. For Example, if you have three reference products, this snippet of code needs to be added three times for each item in the merchandise block.

7. Copy and Paste the new merchandise block with the reference products into your transactional message where the merchandise block is.
8. Then Save the message.


After you have updated the link and image URLS, be sure to save your transactional message. You're now ready to fire the transactional API call. Click here to learn more about triggering your transactional message.

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