When creating profile fields for contacts on your list, you have the option of choosing from various data types. Below is a listing of the data types you can choose from, along with descriptions and examples of those types.

  • Text: This field has a limit of 255 characters and is used for entering text characters or numbers.┬áText fields can be used to store most types of information and allow filtering options such as equals, contains, and does not contain. Text fields can also be used when storing numeric values that are not used to count or calculate, such as zip codes.

  • Numeric: This field also has a limit of 255 characters and is used for entering numeric characters that are used to count or calculate, such as order total or order count. Numeric fields should be used to store information where you want to be able to filter on options such as greater than, equal to, or less than.

NOTE: Scientific notations or non-numeric characters will cause issues with numeric filtering.

  • Radio Button: This data type allows you to collect contact details for a question where only a single option can be selected, such as yes or no. Create an independent Profile Field Group for each set of data (each question) where a radio button is used as the data type, otherwise, you are only able to select one radio button per profile field group and your contacts can not fill out each question.

    For example: When asking a contact to select their Car Make and Model in a form, create a Profile Field Group for each:

Create a new Profile Field Group > Car Make

Create another new Profile Field Group > Car Models

TIP: Collecting this data in independent Profile Field Groups is the best approach so that only one radio is selectable and additional on-site configurations will not be needed.

  • Checkbox: This data type also allows you to give contacts several options to chose from, unlike the radio button option, checkboxes allow the contact to select more than one item from the list. When using a checkbox in filtering you have the option to filter to contacts who have one or multiple checkboxes checked.

  • Comment Area: This data type can be used for larger amounts of text, such as a comments section. There is a 255 character limit. For larger amounts of text or HTML, use a contact content block.

  • Date: This data type gives you a character field in which you can enter a date in numeric. It also comes with a calendar icon feature to click-to-select the desired date when importing a single contact. When filtering on a date field you have options such as equals a specific date, before a specific date, or after a specific date.

  • Contact Content Block: This data type can be used for large quantities of text or HTML that surpass the 255 character limit. There is no character limit applied to this data type.

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