Now you are ready to determine who will receive your split test. After you have created a name, a campaign, and have selected the test criteria, it's time to filter your Audience Size.


  1. Entire List: If you opt to send to the entire list, you can leave this section as is and simply click Apply.
  2. Portion of List: If you want to send to a portion of your list, you can do this by Editing the Filter. You'll notice that this looks similar to the filter settings when authoring a message. You will initially see:An Edit Filter buttonThe filter that is currently applied to the split test. In this case, No Segment Filter SetThe percentage of contacts that will be filtered into your split test

NOTE: If you are scheduling your split test in advance, the filter is reproduced at the time of send. The number of people that you see in your audience size when creating the split test may vary from the actual split test send.


1. Click Edit Filter.
2. This will open a dialog box to do your filtering. In this example, we'll send to customers who have subscribed within the last week.
3. When you have your filter set up the way you'd like, click Save.

4. This will take you back to your split test. You should see the new filter, along with the percentage filtered into the split test.

5. Click Apply.

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