This feature allows you to automatically add an alternate browser link to the top of each message you create. The link is available for anyone who cannot view the email to click through to a landing page hosted by Listrak that features the email as a web page. If No is selected, the assumption is that you are opting to write this code into the header of the message. The browser link is available in the Code Support section.

NOTE: If you are using a domain alias, the landing page will be hosted using your domain alias.

This option defaults to Yes. To check or modify the setting:

  1. Navigate from the home menu to Manage.
  2. Go to Lists.
  3. Then List Settings.
  4. Click Settings.
  5. Under the message composition settings, select On or Off to designate your preference.

If this setting is enabled, and you decide to code your own browser link, the Listrak system will be able to find the code in your HTML and suppress the List generated one from showing in your message so you don't see two browser links.

Therefore, if you coded your own browser link, and this setting is enabled you would not see this:

Listrak would detect that you have the link coded into your message and suppress the second one from showing. Your heading might then look like this instead:

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