In order to control color on hyperlinked text and remove the underline, you need to utilize inline CSS styling on your <a> tags.

For Example: You want to change the "click here" text from blue to red and remove the underline:

Your saved messages can be found under Messages > Email View Saved Messages.

You will want to ensure you are on the list your message is saved to in order to view it.

  1. Switch to the HTML tab and locate the link you'd like to update by finding the appropriate <a> tag.

2. Add the following style element to the tag style="color:#ff0000"

NOTE: The hexadecimal value for red is FF0000. If you'd like, you could change the hexadecimal value to match whatever color you would like to make your link.

3. This will change the URL to red. If you switch back to the WYSIWYG you should see a similar result:

4. To remove the underline, switch back to the HTML tab, and add text-decoration:none to the style tag after the semi-colon of the color value we just added.

5. Your final code that was added to the <a>  tag should be: style="color:#ff0000; text-decoration:none" 

6. If you switch back to the WYSIWYG editor, your text should look like the following:

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