Based on the Spam Assassin rating system, the spam score in Listrak scans your message and provides a report on the areas of the email that may present a problem. It then gives the message a rating between zero and six. There are many factors involved with email marketing deliverability and not all spam filters are the same. Therefore, keeping Listrak's spam score low and using best practices for copywriting and message composition are good points to keep in mind. The threshold for concern is a score of three or higher. You can see the spam score for individual contacts on your list before sending your message.

This option can be found under list settings and defaults to Yes. To check or modify the setting:

1. Navigate from the home menu to Manage.
2. Go to Lists.
3. Then List Settings.
4. Under the message composition settings, select Yes or No to designate your preference.

5. Now that you've confirmed that the setting is turned on, you can view individual spam scores while authoring a new message. Click Spam Score

6. The spam details box pops up. Select a contact from the drop-down list to see that person's individual spam score for that particular message. Click Continue

7. The spam score details, including descriptions, points, and a total score for the particular contact and message are displayed. 

8. When no issues have been found, indicating a perfect spam score, the description will read No details available. Nice job! 💯👏 

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