Dynamic content allows you to send highly personalized emails based on database-driven customer preferences. You can tailor your emails to be relevant on an individual level. 

  1. Navigate to Authoring > New Message or Saved Message.
  2. Scroll to the Add New Dynamic Content Area.
    NOTE: This feature must be enabled on the List Settings page to use on the email authoring page.

Create the Dynamic Content Container

A Dynamic Content Container (DCC) consists of multiple versions of content including the filters that determine which version a contact will receive. Each DCC contains a Default Version; the last version in the iteration that will go to any contact who doesn't fit the filter criteria in all other versions. It is not required to add content to this version but may beneficial depending on the campaign strategy.

NOTE: The contact will receive the first version to which they meet the criteria.

Follow these steps to create a DCC:

  1. Click Add New Dynamic Content Area.
  2. Enter a Dynamic Content Name.
  3. Next click Add Version
  4. Enter a name for the Version.
  5. Add the filter settings > click Update to apply filter.
  6. Click the Save Icon to the right of the Version name to apply the name and filter settings.
  7. Next click the Content Edit Icon to add the HTML content component.
  8. Choose an existing dynamic content component or create it while in the Saved Content library > click Insert Content to apply to the DCC in the message.
  9. Repeat steps 2-6 to add the additional Versions.
  10. Configure the Default Version - if applicable.
  11. Click Save to complete the Dynamic Content block setup.

Add the Dynamic Content Block to the message

Copy the Tag [[DynamicContent]] into the body of the HTML where this content is to be displayed.

Create the Dynamic Content in the Content Library

  1. Select or create a folder > click the New Dynamic Content Icon.
  2. Enter a New Content Name.
  3. Click the <> HTML button on the bottom of the page.
  4. Add the HTML to the canvas.
  5. Click Save.

Editing the Dynamic Content Container

Learn how to edit a Version or the filters within a DCC.

Editing content
Editing content
  1. Click the Trashcan Icon to delete the Version (including the filters applied to it).
  2. Click the DCC name to edit the Content or the filters.
  3. Click the Version Edit Icon to change the name.
  4. Click the Content Edit Icon to edit the HTML > click Save > Insert Content to apply updates.
  5. Click Edit Filter to update the filter > click Update to apply changes.
  6. Move a Version above or below another Version by using the arrows to the left of the name.
  7. Cancel and action by clicking on the Cancel Icon or Cancel button.
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