By adding Predictive Content to your email marketing program, you can deliver relevant and engaging content in the form of articles and videos to your customers and prospects. Many retailers offer insightful information that is relevant to their products, such as home decor tips or recipes. This creates loyalty and interest in your brand that goes beyond just the product. Access Predictive Content by following the below steps:

  1. Navigate to Solutions > Recommender Predictive Content.

  2. Select the appropriate Merchant from the drop-down menu if applicable. 

  3. Click Content Manager to define the content on your site to include or exclude.

  4. Click Create New or Create Content Block to begin building your block.

URL Rules

URL rules tell Listrak what content to include or exclude in recommendations. You should audit your site to see where content is located and decide what you'll want to share in your Recommendations. For example, you might choose to exclude content on your customer service page and contact pages. 

  1. Click Content Manager.

  2. Go to the URL Rules Tab.

  3. Enter a specific URL in the New URL Rule field.

  4. Select the radio button option to either Include or Exclude the URL in recommendations.

  5. Click Add Rule

  6. Test a URL (if needed) by entering the URL in the Test URL field. A confirmation will tell you if the URL is eligible to be included or excluded based on the URL rules you've set. Click Test Rule.

  7. Then click Done when you've finished adding rule

The rule will now appear in the right-hand side in the Current URL Rules list along with whether it has been included or excluded. You can arrange the rules by importance by hovering directly left of the listed URL and clicking the down or up arrows. 

Building a Content Block

  1. Enter a Content Block Name.

  2. Opt whether to Exclude recently recommended content

    💡 When using this block in a recurring message (for example, a weekly newsletter) you can select Exclude recently recommended content so that users will get fresh recommendations each time they receive a new message. In this example a user will get a new set of recommendations each week.

  3. Click Build Recommendations.

  4. Add a Section Name for your new section.

  5. Select whether to recommend New Content or Popular Content.

  6. Select formatting options for content Headlines Styles and Body Styles.

  7. Click Add Section to begin building a new section or Click Save & Get Code.

The code is generated automatically into images which allows you the flexibility to place the images wherever you'd like in your Composer Message. Learn more about how to add Predictive Content to your Composer messages here.

The code is also available in HTML by clicking show code on the Content Personalization dashboard.

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