1. Navigate from the home menu to Manage.

2. Go to Lists.
3. Then List Settings.
4. Navigate to notification settings.
5. In the List Review Group field, enter the email of the first person you'd like in your review group.
6. To add multiple reviewers, simply click Add Reviewer

NOTE: You can add up to 27 reviewers.

7. After you've added all of your reviewers, click Commit Changes

Now, when you're creating a message, you'll have the option to send a test to this group prior to launching the message to your list of contacts. 

8. On the authoring page (Authoring > New Message) scroll to the bottom of the page and click Send Review. Now, each of the members of your review group will receive the message.

Using List Review Groups with Holdout Groups
List Review Groups can also be used with Holdout Groups to ensure that addresses listed in the Review Group that happen to be part of an active holdout group will receive the promotional messages they otherwise would have received.  A common use case for this would be to ensure that some of a sender's internal users receive promotional messages and are not held out, despite being randomly included in an active holdout group.

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