If you have multiple lists, you may want to create one or more folders in order to keep the list pane more organized. By creating folders, you can group lists into categories and display only those with which you are currently working.


Create a new folder, and add lists to that folder by following the below steps.

1. Navigate from the home menu to Manage.
2. Go to Lists.
3. Then Folder Manager.
4. Enter a name for your New Folder.

NOTE: If you already have a folder that you'd like to add a list to, read about adding lists to an existing folder.

5. Check off the lists you'd like to include in your new folder.
6. Click Add Lists to Folder

In the above example, we created a folder for Automated Campaigns that will contain the SCA Program list as well as any additional automated campaigns we choose to add in the future. 


You can add lists to existing folders by selecting the folder from the Use Existing drop-down menu. In the below example, we want to place the "Master List" in the "Promotions" folder. 

  1. Navigate to the folder organization section via Manage > Lists > Folder Manager.

  2. Using the checkboxes, select the list(s) you'd like to file. 

  3. Select the existing folder from the Use Existing drop-down menu.

  4. Click Add Lists to Folder.

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