Allowing the Omniture integration will allow Listrak to push forward the message analytics to an Adobe Omniture Site Catalyst application.

NOTE: You must have an Omniture account for integration. Read more about Omniture here.


1. Navigate from the home menu to Manage.
2. Go to Lists.
3. Then List Settings.
4. Navigate to web analytics integration.

5. Select Yes to Enable Omniture integration.


1. Copy the Omniture List Key.
2. Log into Adobe Omniture.
3. From the Admin menu, click Data Connectors.


4. Click Add New.

5. Select Alphabetical from the Show drop-down menu.
6. Enter and search for Listrak.
7. Click Activate.

The Listrak Data Connectors Integration pop-up window should appear. 

8. Click to select the checkbox to accept the terms and conditions.
9. Select Listrak Partner from the Report Suite drop-down menu.
10. Enter the Listrak URL in the name field.
11. Click Create and Configure This Integration.

12. The General Settings section will self-populate with the information you chose in the previous screen. Ensure this information is correct and make changes if needed.
13. Paste the Omniture List Key from the Listrak List Settings page into the ListKey field.
14. Click Save and Continue to Next Step.

15. Map the appropriate eVars and Events to each Metric.

NOTE: If the eVars or Events are missing, you need to add them into your Report Suite.Use Adobe’s documentation for further instructions.

16. Click Save and Continue to Next Step.

As a bonus, the data connector will create a classification during this integration that will make reporting a little easier.

17. Under Data Collection choose Automated Solution. It will ask you for two unique identifiers. See Listrak’s specific ID’s in the figure below.

18. These two IDs will be appended to all URL’s in your Listrak Emails. Click Save and Continue to Next Step.

19. Review your information to make sure it is accurate.

20. Lastly, click Activate Now

After you've configured your integration, click here to verify the integration was successful and begin viewing reports.

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