Activating Google Analytics link tracking gives you the option to add a campaign and campaign name content on the message analytics page.

1. Navigate from the home menu to Manage.
2. Go to Lists.
3. Then List Settings.
4. Navigate to Web Analytics Integration.

 NOTE: You must enable Google Analytics Tracking for each list you create.

5. Enter a Source and Medium.

The Source and the Medium are used by Google Analytics to define the search channels of where the analytics are coming from.

NOTE: The source and medium defaults to "Listrak" and "Email." They can be changed in the List Settings.

Through Google Analytics Link Tracking, you can track multiple URLs. This defaults to track in all domains.

6. You can turn on Google Analytics Tracking for all domains. 


Once enabled, the analytics integration will appear when you create a new message. This allows you to customize the Campaign Name and Campaign Content. 

Google Analytics Link Tracking defaults to on. You will notice the Urchin Tracking Module (UTM) parameters in your links. 

  • utm_medium: What the medium is set as in list settings.
  • utm_source: What the source is set as in the list settings.
  • utm_term: What the name of the title tag is of the link that is clicked. If no title tag is provided then it will inject the entire URL.

NOTE: It is considered best practice to always add title tags to every link in your email to avoid any potential link issues.

  • utm_campaign: The Google Analytics campaign that is set on the message authoring page. If no campaign is set, the subject line of the message will be used.
  • utm_content: The content version that is set in the Google Analytics section of the message authoring page. This can be used for different messages with the same campaign. 
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