You can locate an individual contact using their email address or parts of if you are unsure of the exact address. This feature can be helpful when determining whether or not an individual has been subscribed, unsubscribed, or banned, as well as what list(s) they are on.

Search for a Contact

  1. Navigate to Contacts > Email Contacts Search for a Contact.

  2. Enter your Search Criteria:

    1. Exact Match

    2. Starts With

    3. Contains

  3. Designate

  4. Select a list to look in: 

    1. Current List: the list that is currently highlighted in the list panel. 

    2. All Lists: all lists within your account.

  5. Designate what types of contacts to look for:

    1. Subscribed 

    2. Unsubscribed 

    3. Banned

  6. Click Search

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