1. Navigate from the home menu to Manage.
  2. Go to Lists.
  3. Then List Settings.
  4. Navigate to Branding Settings.

: Branding settings for lists can be set on the account settings page. After settings are applied, a third option will appear allowing you to select the default option from the account settings page.

The branding settings are described in greater detail in the below sections.


The domain alias is a unique Canonical Name (CNAME) record that directs to Listrak's tracking server. With a domain alias, recipients will see the containing URLs and domain alias behind the links, instead of Listrak's domain name. Using a unique domain alias ensures your links are unique to your sends as opposed to the default Listrak domain begin used for your tracking links. The domain alias translates to the URL.

For Example: enews.mycompany.com (domain alias), instead of: customers.esp1.co (CNAME)


Bounce domain improves your overall deliverability by including a specific domain name in the header of the emails that is used to process an email bounce. This helps ensure compliance with new email authentication technologies such as SenderID and SPF.

NOTE: This record should never be added to the root domain. Doing so could cause incoming mail to be undeliverable and possibly unrecoverable.

Sender policy framework (SPF) is a protocol that is used to diminish forged email. A separate SPF record is necessary when implementing a bounce domain.

The green verification indicates the SPF record on the domain name system (DNS) server is the correct value.

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