Click here to learn more about the preferred and accepted file formats before you begin your contact file import.

1. Navigate from the home menu to Contacts.
2. Go to View Contacts.
3. Click Add Contacts.

4. Click File Import.

5. Drag and drop your file into the window or click Browse to upload.

Next, apply your import settings. Many of these settings are similar to uploading contacts at the email level. Click here to learn more about import actions and settings.

6. Select an import action from the drop-down menu: add/update contacts, update existing contacts, or opt-out contacts.
7. Select a list from the drop-down menu to import the contacts to.
8. Select an option if the contact already exists on the list.
9. Check the box if the file contains text qualifiers.
10. Check the box if the first line of the file contains column names.

Then, configure your import layout settings to define the contact import layout. 

Supported system fields:

  • Phone Number (required)

  • Email

  • First Name

  • Last Name

  • Birthday

  • Postal Code

11. Click Import.

After clicking start import, you will see a breakdown of your import:

  • Contacts Processed: The total number of contacts that were supplied for the import.

  • Opted-in: The total number of contacts that were added to the selected list for the import.

  • Ignored Contacts: The total number of contacts that were processed and not imported for one of the following reasons:Previously Opted-outAlready Opted-inPreviously Banned

  • List Import Settings: View at-a-glance the settings you previously selected:

  • List Name

  • Field Update Type

  • Import Type

After you've finished reviewing the summary, click Done.

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