It may not be an obvious one, but the relationship between search engine optimization (SEO) and email marketing is a strong one. To put things in perspective, SEO tops the charts as the highest digital marketing spend for most retailers while email marketing takes the lead for return on investment (ROI). Though the impact is indirect, establishing symbiosis between these two digital strategies can only improve your results.

Users will be drawn to your site within the enhancement of SEO to your email campaigns. The combination will help to advance your ROI within campaigns. 


The intent of email marketing is to promote, sell, and develop relationships with your audiences. When customers are opting to subscribe to your campaigns, it's important to effectively engage your audience. With the assistance of SEO and relevant content and key phrases, your campaigns will perform effectively and prompt higher return rates.


SEO is used throughout your email marketing campaigns. When a user initiates a search using a search engine, the rankings appear based on things such as key phrases and content. Good content is key to promoting your website. As customers are searching using keywords and phrases, your website will be identified faster when the content is informative and engaging. 

This guide contains the following articles:

  1. Crafting Email Content for SEO

  2. Protecting Your Online Reputation

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