1. Click Send to List.
2. Confirm your send options. 

3. Verify that your branding and authentication has been completed. In this section, ideally, you want to see every item marked with a green checkmark. 

NOTE: You have the ability to send the message without first having completed the branding and authentication portion, however, DKIM should always be checked before sending.

4. Choose your MultiPass settings. This feature will send the email to non-openers with a different subject line. Enter up to five multipasses up to 30 days apart.

NOTE: If you are a new Listrak client, it is best not to use the MultiPass feature for at least 60 days or until you've established a solid, reputable IP reputation. 

5. When you're ready to launch your message, click Send to List

Congratulations! When you see the confirmation notice appear, you've successfully sent your first message. To double check the status of the message send, you can check out the progress monitor:

  1. Navigate to Home.

  2. Go to Progress Monitor

NOTE: A "completed" status in the Listrak progress monitor means that the message has successfully been deployed. There may be a delay between the time the message leaves our system and the time the email client (such as Gmail or Yahoo) accepts the message.

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