The first step to creating your SMS transactional campaign is to create a transactional list. If you've already created a transactional list, be sure to associate this list with the following articles in this series. Follow the below steps to create a new SMS list.

1. Navigate from the home menu to the navigation on the left-hand side.
2. Select your SMS short code.
3. Navigate from the home menu to Manage.
4. Go to Lists.
5. Click New List.


Once on this page, set up the list configuration and list messages that are associated with the transactional campaign.


1. Enter a List Name.
2. Select a List Type from the drop-down menu.
3. Enter the Number of Messages to be sent. 

NOTE: It is recommended that you select the unlimited option for transactional lists as these messages are delivered programatically and the number of messages may vary by transaction.

4. Select a Time Frame from the drop-down menu.


Select whether the opt-in is a single or double opt-in. Then, enter the Welcome Message content. Content for these messages allows your customers to know what they're signing up for with your SMS program.

Next, add your SMS Program name to the existing subscriber list message.

After the message content is added. Click Save List.

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