It is a powerful branding tool to have your logo appear next to your message in an email inbox. Having a logo allows your contacts to see to see that the message is from your company before they even open your message. 

Each inbox handles images a little differently:

  • Gmail avatar is pulled from Google+
  • Some inboxes, such as Polymail and Airmail use Gravatar
  • Outlook doesn't have a method, aside from the account owner adding the company address to their contacts and adding their own image


The control over this logo appearing in those inboxes is completely controlled by Google. Follow the below steps to get started.

  1. Be sure to have created a verified Google+ page for your company or brand. Click here to learn how to verify your page.
  2. The domain that is verified through Google+ must be the same domain as is used in the "from" address you use to send your messages from in Listrak. 
  3. Ensure that DKIM authentication has been set up for your domain. Click here to learn more about Google+ pages. 

NOTE: If you are a Google G Suite user, ensure that your logo has been added on this page


Inboxes such as Polymail and Airmail use Gravatar to pick up avatars for emails. This is a free service owned by Wordpress. Sign up here to manage avatars across email addresses.

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